Whether you are interested in agriculture, recreation, history or just a quiet ride in the countryside, you will find it all in Tyendinaga Township.

Tyendinaga Township is located in the most southeasterly corner of Hastings County and approximately 10 km east of the City of Belleville.

It was created in 1820 from land
surrendered to the Crown by the Mohawks of the Tyendinaga Reserve. Like the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Tyendinaga Township took its name from Joseph Brant, a noted Mohawk Chief whose Indian name was “Thayendinagea”.
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 Half Loads

 Please be aware the Half Load Restrictions are in effect as of February 21, 2017 until approximately April 30th, 2017.This is in effect on all roadways in the Township. 

Thank you.

Public Notices:


As of March 2017, we have saved 121092lb
of C02 emissions, the equivilent of taking 10.4 cars off the road.

As of March 2017,  we have generated  70775 KW, the equivilent of providing power to 6.4 homes for a year.

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