Applications, Permits & Fees

911 Property Markers (Make sure your property marker is always visable)

Blue Box Fees

  • $8.00 each
  • Broken blue boxes are replaced at no charge when returned to the Township Office (859 Melrose Road)

Fire Permit Fees

Dog Tags  & Kennel Fees

Dog Tags

  • $20 per tag 

Kennel Fees

  •  $100 per kennel if paid by or on March 31
  •  $150 per kennel after March 31

Restrictions from By-law 02-03 (Download By-law)
Not more than three (3) dogs, over the age of four (4) months, shall be kept in or about any dwelling unit that is situated on any property that is zoned "Rural Residential" or any other property that is zoned some form of "Residential".

Not more than ten (10) dogs, over the age of four (4) months, shall be kept in or about any dwelling unit that is situated on any property that is zoned "Rural or "Agriculture".

Provincial Legislation - Pit Bulls have to be spayed or neutered as well as muzzled in public.

Municipal Animal Control can be reached at 613-478-3547 for any dog issues.

Entrance Permit Fee

  • Municipal Roads | $1300.00 plus cost if applicable
    • All roads not listed under County Roads
  • County Roads | $1800.00 plus applicable costs
    • Airport Pkwy, Belleville Rd, Blessignton Road (from Thurlow boundary to Read Rd), Deseronto Rd (from Kennelly Rd southerly), Enright Rd (from Read easterly to Deseronto), Marysville Rd (from Enright southerly to the limits), Moneymore Rd, Old Highway #2, Read Road (from Blessington to Enright) and Shannonville Rd. 
  • Entrance Permit Application 

Lottery Licence | Raffle Lottery

  • 3% of the value of the proposed prize (e.g. $250 prize cost would be $7.50)
  • All documents completed with the Lottery Licences Authority (Clerk - Treasurer)
  • Lottery Licence forms are available at the Township Office

Excess Load Permit

  • Excess Load Permit
  • $50.00 (one-time) / $200 (calendar year) non-refundable permit fee
  • If damage is caused to the roadway by reason of the moving of heavy vehicles under this permit the Township will repair the damage at the applicant's cost.  The applicant will have thirty (30) days after being billed by the Township to pay to the Township by certified cheque the total amount of the repair costs incurred.
  • The applicant shall notify and obtain approvals as required from the Ontario Provincial Police, Ontario Hydro, Bell Canada and any other affected utility as well as the appropriate road authorites

Tax Certificate

  • $25.00 for each request
  • Tax Certificate must be signed by the CAO

Waste Disposal Site

  • Cost: $2.50 per bag | Please refer to the "Blue Box Flyer" for accepted items
  • Hours: Wednesday 12:00 - 4:00 | Saturday 8:00 - 4:00
  • Tires are accepted for recycling at no cost
  • Waste electronics are accepted at no cost

Amendment to Zoning

Land Severance (Application For Consent)

 Minor Variance

  • Application for Minor Variance 2020 is required when it is not possible to comply with the provision of Zoning By-law 03-16. 
  • The Application Fee is $525.00 
  • $200 payable to Tyendinaga Township and
  • $341 payable to Quinte Conservation.

Building Department Permits

Building Department Information