Public Notices

Canteen Attendant

Tuesday March 21, 2017
Canteen Attendant – Job Opportunity

The Township of Tyendinaga is seeking energetic individuals to work at our seasonal canteen(s) at our Recreation Centre. We are seeking individuals who are self directed, can multitask, have good money handling skills as well as are punctual and reliable.
Duties of Canteen attendant are:
• Take and fulfill orders of spectators and players
• Make coffee, tea and other various food items available at canteen
• Stock shelves and fridge
• Responsible for opening and closing procedures (cleaning , organizing and counting)
• Responsible for counting float, cash at the end of the night and balancing the deposit
• Other duties assigned by the Recreation Coordinator or Canteen Manager
Please apply by: Friday April 21, 2017 at 4:00pm.
Those interested in the position(s), please drop off resume Attn: Raeanne McGuinness at the Municipal Office, 859 Melrose Road or email it to Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Thank you!

Beware of Wild Parsnip

Tuesday July 19, 2016
Wild Parsnip has been found in the Township, Please read more on the link provided on what it looks like, what to do and not to do.

Know what grows in your back yard!

Tuesday April 26, 2016
For More information on Invasive Species visit, or contact there hotline at 1-800-563-7711.

Resettling Syrian Refugees

Tuesday December 15, 2015
The federal government has established a "Welcome Refugees" website for up-to-date information. Ontario has also establish a Syrian Refugee (

Source Water Protection and Septic Systems

Thursday April 09, 2015
If you live in a rural area, waste from your home is likely treated in a private on-site septic system.
Septic systems are considered potential threats to our drinking water sources because of the possibility of leaching of contaminants like chemicals and bacteria into ground or surface water.
A well-maintained and properly functioning septic system can provide a safe, reliable way of treating your household waste-water. However, it must be responsibly operated and maintained if it is to work well and safely.
Maintaining your septic system protects you against costly system failure and also protects your family's health, nearby water sources and the environment.
What can you do to protect water if you have a septic system?
There are steps you can take that will protect your investment, your family and nearby drinking water sources.
• Have your septic tank pumped every 3 to 5 years. Keep a record of your pump-out so you will know when to do it again.
• Know the location of your septic tank and bed and protect them from damage. Don't drive over them or construct anything on top.
• Keep trees and shrubs away from your septic system as roots may interfere with its function.
• Do a surface inspection of your septic system at least once a year to ensure that there are no soggy areas or 'break-outs' of sewage on the surface of the ground.
• Be aware of what you put down the drain. Avoid using harsh cleaning products and putting grease or food down your drain.
• Dispose of toxic items at your municipality's household hazardous waste collection. Do not pour paint, pesticides or toxic chemicals down your drain.
• Conserve water and spread your water use out during the week. Do not overload or clog your septic system by doing multiple loads of laundry in one day.
• More...
Maintaining your septic system is like looking after other important parts of your home, such as your roof or windows. It really pays off!
Septic Inspections in the Quinte Region
The Ontario Building Code and the Quinte Region Source Protection Plan require that septic systems are inspected every five years in areas where the operation of a septic system is identified as a significant threat to the municipal water source.
The inspections will be conducted by municipal officials in vulnerable areas close to the municipal water sources of:
• Town of Picton,
• Hamlet of Point Anne in the City of Belleville,
• Peats Point subdivision in Prince Edward County, and the
• Villages of Madoc, Deloro, Tweed and Ameliasburgh.
Inspections will also occur in Madoc Township where septic systems could affect the Village of Madoc wells.

Inspections may be as simple as a visual check conducted during a walk-around of the septic tank and septic bed locations, along with a review of the written records related to the system, such as the date of the last pump-out. If a risk or malfunction is identified then a more comprehensive inspection will be required and may include a septic tank pump out, digging to check performance of the septic bed and in some cases, even the replacement of the septic system.

CCCTE-MBQ Media Release

Friday December 21, 2012
Please refer to the documents section of the website for the media release related to the CCCTE-MBQ Richmond Landfill Issue.