Filing a Concern or Complaint


If you have a formal concern or complaint about something happening in the Municipality please fill out our Complaint Form. Tyendinaga Council passed By-law 2021-48 adopting a Complaints Handling Policy at the September 7, 2021 Council Meeting. Please review the By-Law for more information.

A new mandate brought in through Bill 8, Public Sector and MPP Accountability and Transparency Act 2014 allows the public to address any concerns or complaints regarding government administration, service, and accountability.

For more information, view the Ontario Ombudsman Complaints about Municipalities brochure.

If possible, contact the relevant staff member or Carla Preston, Chief Administrative Officer of the Township of Tyendinaga to discuss the issue, concerns or complaints before registering as a delegation to Council. Some citizen concerns can be addressed by staff without having to go to Council for a decision. If your issue cannot be resolved by staff, staff can then advise you of the next steps to address your concerns, which may include appearing before Council as a Delegation.