By-Law Enforcement


General Information

By-laws ensure a safe, quiet, and pleasant environment for residents of the community of Tyendinaga. Township by-laws establish standards that promote a safe and livable community, support good neighbour interactions and prevent behaviours that undermine the quality of life in our community, such as aggressive dogs, litter, noise, uncontrolled parking and unsightly properties.

We enforce regulatory by-laws and some provincial legislation which are a core part of maintaining community standards. Provincial legislation such as the Municipal ActBuilding Code ActHighway Traffic ActDog Owner’s Liability Act and the Provincial Offences Act to name a few.

The Township’s Municipal By-law Enforcement Customer Service Policy is to achieve voluntary compliance accomplished through education to raise awareness of community standards and municipal by-laws to ensure timely compliance with a professional, unbiased approach. The By-law Enforcement Officer periodically conducts mobile patrol, and responds to concerns related to municipal by-laws.

Please be advised where a by-law is in effect, an officer may enter upon any property at any reasonable time, without a warrant for the purpose of inspection the property to determine whether the property conforms to the standards prescribed in the by-law.

Report a Concern

Should you wish to register a complaint with the  Township regarding a possible by-law violation you must complete the By-law Complaint Form by accessing the following link: By-law Complaint Form

You can also make a complaint in person. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. located at the Municipal Office – 859 Melrose Road, Shannonville.

Anonymous complaints will not be investigated unless potential safety, health or liability issues are identified.

Unless permitted by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. M.56, or required as a result of disclosure, your personal information will be kept confidential. Should the matter proceed to court, it may be necessary for you to attend court as a witness to the violation.

By-law Enforcement Enquiries

All enquires should be made to:

Kevin Gauthier, By-law Enforcement Officer

613-396-1944 ext 206 Enforcement Officer’s Office Hours – Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

By-Law Enforcement Complaints

  • Receiving and Responding to a By-law Complaint

    1. By-law Staff will acknowledge the receipt of a valid By-law complaint to the complainant no later than 5 business days.
    2. The complainant will be provided with an overview of the next steps and when to expect a response on the status of their concerns.
    3. The complainant will be provided a case number to reference in future correspondences with By-law Staff.
    4. By-law Staff will communicate to the complainant that some by-law matters will take a lengthy time before being resolved and may be deemed a civil matter in some instances.
  • Frivolous, Repeat or Multiple Complaints

    1. Repeat complaints on similar issues will be assessed on their merits, even if numerous, to determine the appropriate response and action, if any.
    2. Previous attempts by By-law Enforcement to address a repeat issue and steps taken will be reviewed.
    3. Where compliance with a potential by-law infraction has been confirmed, further action on a repeat or frivolous complaint may not be acted upon unless new information is provided by the complainant.
    4. Restricted contact to a repeat complainant on a same issue or a frivolous complaint will be considered by the Chief Administrative Officer or the By-Law Enforcement Services Board on after carefully assessing the circumstances.
    5. The Chief Administrative Officer will clearly communicate to the complainant, in writing, the nature of the restrictions, the reasons for them and circumstance when they may be reconsidered.
    6. The restricted communication on a By-law enforcement matter does not prevent or limit other necessary contact with Municipal Staff that is unrelated to the person’s complaints.
    7. Where multiple complaints are received from different people about the same issue, Staff may assess and determine a response for the complaints as a whole rather than individually. In doing so, however, Staff must consider any
      nuances of the different complaints and respond to each issue received from each complainant.

    To submit a complaint, fill out this Complaint Form

Contact Us

Kevin Gauthier
~ By-Law Enforcement Officer