Voter Information


The 2022 Municipal Election will be held on Monday, October 24, 2022.


You can vote if you are:

  • A Canadian citizen; and
  • At least 18 years old; and
  • A resident in Tyendinaga Township; or
  • Either a resident of the township or a property owner or tenant or the spouse or same sex partner of an owner or tenant in the municipality during a specified time just before the election.

You may only vote once in the Tyendinaga municipal election regardless of how many properties you own or rent within the township. You may also vote in multiple Municipal Elections if you own property outside of Tyendinaga Township.

Am I on the Voters’ List?

It is vital that you confirm your name is on the Voters’ List, especially if you have moved since the previous election. This ensures you will receive your voter kit by mail this fall. If you are not on the Voters’ List or if your information is incorrect, you may apply to have your name added or your information corrected. The most convenient way to do this is via the Voter Look Up service provided by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). The Voter Lookup service allows residents to:

  • confirm or update their voting information;
  • add a voter’s name to an address, and;
  • change school support for the purpose of voting in a school board election

You can check to see if you’re on the Voters’ List by visiting

Note: On, type “Tyendinaga” in the Municipality box for best results

MPAC is responsible for creating the preliminary list of electors for the 2022 Municipal Election. The 2026 Municipal Election preliminary list of electors will be prepared by Elections Ontario.

Paper Voters’ List

The Voters’ List is the collection of all voters who are eligible to vote in the Tyendinaga Township Municipal Election. It is also what is used to mail out your Voting PIN Letters in September. All electors in Tyendinaga should verify that they’re on the list to ensure they can vote. A physical paper list of electors will be available for review at the Municipal Office in early September. No person shall use any information obtained from the voters’ list except for election purposes.

Corrections and Additions to the Voters’ List

All electors not finding themselves on the Voter’s List may add themselves, or correct their information by visiting

Check back soon for when new Voter Education Sessions are announced for the 2022 Municipal Election.

The Township of Tyendinaga Council approved the use of telephone and electronic voting for 2022.

More information on how to vote will be provided closer to the election.

List of Candidates and Third Party Advertisers

A full list of candidates and third party advertisers who have filed their paperwork with the Clerk can be found on the Unofficial List of Candidates page. The nomination period for candidates is between May 2, 2022 and August 19, 2022 (at 2pm).