Animal Services


Dog Tags, Registration, & General Information for Dog Owners

  • Why do I need to register my dog?

    The Dog Control By-law requires that all dogs living in Tyendinaga be registered and wear their dog tag.

    A dog tag is the best form of ID for your dog and plays a critical role in identifying your dog should it become lost or injured.

  • How do I register my dog?

    New Dogs or Residents

    New residents who are dog owners or existing residents with a new dog can register their dog(s) using the Dog Tag Application. Once you have completed and submitted your application, and the Township has received payment, you will be provided the dog tag(s).

    Visit our Fees, Charges, & Payment Options page for ways to pay for your dog tag(s).

    Changes – Moving and Death of a Pet

    Should you move within Tyendinaga, please email the Treasurer so that we may update your dog’s address and contact information.

    Should your dog pass away, please email the Treasurer so that we may update our records.

    Process for Existing Dogs

    The Township has moved to a generic dog tag system with no year on the tag. Your dog will have the same tag while they reside in Tyendinaga. Invoices will be sent out annually for licensing payment. All dog tags are $20 and payments are due by March 31st annually.

    If you are obtaining a new dog tag or you are renewing one and you are paying after March 31st, the fee will be $30.

    Once you receive your invoice, please use one of the following options for payments:

    1. A mail slot is available at the Municipal Office at 859 Melrose Road, Shannonville located to the left of our front doors. Please only pay with cheque/bank draft with this option. In a sealed envelope, include your payment and application to ensure payment is applied to the correct account.
    2. Mail cheque payable to the Township of Tyendinaga.
    3. Telephone or online banking: Be sure to choose the correct payee when processing bills through your financial institution.
    4. E-transfer: Please contact us at 613-396-1944 or email for more details.
    5. Credit Card Payments: this option is available from our website. A third-party processing charge will be applied.

    Lost Tag

    If your dog loses its dog tag, please complete the replacement dog tag form. Replacement tags are $10 each.

  • Kennels

    • Any resident wishing to operate a dog kennel or boarding facility must obtain a Kennel License.
    • The property must be properly zoned to accommodate a kennel or boarding facility.
    • Kennels and boarding facilities will be inspected on an annual basis.
    • If you wish to establish a dog kennel or boarding facility, please contact the Clerk. to discuss the location and requirements

    For more information view the following:

    Dog Control By-law

    Kennel License Application

    Kennel License Checklist

    A Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations

  • Keep your dog(s) on a leash

    All dog owners must keep their dogs on a leash and abide by “poop and scoop” regulations.

    Animal control will be actively enforced in all parks and trails within Tyendinaga. Charges will be laid for those found in contravention of the By-law.

    In accordance with the Provincial Offences Act, owners will be issued a set fine as set out in the Dog Control By-law if the Animal Control Officer impounds an unregistered dog or a dog running at large.

  • By-Laws

    Animal services in Tyendinaga are regulated under the Dog Control By-law. If you have questions about this by-law contact the Clerk at 613-396-1944.

  • Lost and found pets

    Call the Animal Control Officers – Pierce Animal Control at 613-966-4483 to report found dogs in Tyendinaga. They will do their best to find the owners of all lost dogs in the township.

    If you see a dog running at large, please contact the Pierce Animal Control at 613-966-4483.  The Township contracts the services of the Pierce Animal Control to assist in canine control matters.

    To report a lost pet, please contact the Quinte Humane Society directly or find more information on their website.

When to Call Pierce Animal Control

Pierce Animal Control Services is responsible for the enforcement of animal control for the Township of Tyendinaga.  These services are limited to dogs.

Complaints and inquiries are accepted through the live answering service at (613) 966-4483.

Animal control officers enforce the Dog Control By-law which makes owners responsible for their pet’s actions, return lost pets, patrol neighbourhoods for stray animals and ensure pets are a positive addition to the community. If an owner is in violation, officers have the ability to write tickets and lay charges before the court.

Please Note: Nuisance non-domesticated animals (i.e. skunks, raccoons, possums, etc.) are not dealt with through the Township. Residents are encouraged to contact Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre if you find an injured or orphaned wild animal immediately at 613-354-0264 to get further advice.

Residents of the Township should call Pierce Animal Control Services for the following:

  • To report by-law violations (except barking dogs)
  • To report stray dogs/dogs running at large
  • To report a lost or found pet (First call should be made to the Quinte Humane Society as they Act as the “animal shelter” for the Township.
  • To report sick/injured animals
  • To report a dog bite and/or attack
  • To report the damage to or destruction of livestock caused by dogs
  • To report a dead domestic animal
  • To report nuisance wildlife that is suspected of rabies. The animal can be removed at the expense of the caller or property owner (dead wildlife on public property such as the roadside is collected at no charge; please contact the Municipal Office for these occurrences).

Livestock Claims

The  Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program provides financial assistance to farmers whose livestock, poultry and honey bees have been damaged by wildlife.  If you are interested in more information about this program, please visit the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website.

Tyendinaga’s Livestock Valuator will come to your property to assess the loss/damage. Then a report is submitted to Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

To apply for payment, farmers must:

  • Have a valid farm business registration number (BR)
  • Have a premises ID number
  • Report the kill within 48 hours
  • Retain remains of the kill for inspection by the Township’s Livestock Valuer

The Livestock Valuator for the Township of Tyendinaga is Kevin Durkin, who can be reached at 613-396-6381.

Report a dead animal

To report a dead animal on a municipal road or property, please call the office 613-396-1944 or email the Roads Department.

Private property owners are responsible for dead animals on their property.

Exotic Animals

Exotic Animals are wild animals that are typically bred in captivity and not native to Canada, or wild animals not considered to be “normal” household pets. Before purchasing an exotic pet such as a lizard, snake or spider, review our Exotic Animal By-law. 

The Exotic Animal By-law was developed in order to protect public health and safety, address concerns around animal care and to restrict animals that may result in significant public nuisance problems such as noise and/or odour for neighbouring residents.

Animal Distress or Abuse

The Province of Ontario has established a toll-free number, 1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625) for people to report concerns about animal distress or abuse. This call centre is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Note: A full review of the dogcontrol by-law is planned to reflect changes in provincial legislation and to make locally-relevant changes as directed by council.