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The Role of Building and Planning Services

The Building and Planning Departments responsibility is to manage the growth and physical form of the Township through the land use planning and development process, permit processing and inspection, and by establishing goals and objectives for future growth and development.

The Hastings County Planning Services Department processes all applications for land transactions which require consent or plan of subdivision/condominium approval. They also attend hearings of the Ontario Municipal Board on appeals to Land Division decisions, plans of subdivision and condominium, proposed amendments to the Official Plan and municipal zoning by-laws.

Applications and instructions are available for pick-up at the County of Hastings or at the Municipal Office. The fee for processing a consent application through the County of Hastings Planning Advisory/Land Division Committee is $900.00 and is payable to the “County of Hastings” by cheque or money order.

If you are initiating a consent (severance application) with the intention of building a new home, please check our “Building Department” on the toolbar for information that may be pertinent prior to initiating a consent application.

The Provincial Policy Statement for Planning 1997, requires that all development applications conform to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, setback requirements for new lots from barns. If a staff site inspection or your application indicates that a barn is on or near your proposed new lot, some additional information is required.

Application for Amendment to Zoning By-Law No. 03-16 are submitted to the Clerk at the Township of Tyendinaga at the Municipal Office. The Fee is $525.00 (2020 fee), and is payable to the Township of Tyendinaga. There may also be a $341.00 (2020 fee) consultation fee required, payable to Quinte Conservation.

Application for Minor Variance or for Permission

Application for Minor Variance is required when it is not possible to comply with the provision of Zoning By-law 03-16. The Fee is $525.00. The application fee of $200 is payable to The Township of Tyendinaga and Quinte Conservation’s consultation fee is $341.00 (2020) payable to Quinte Conservation.

Application for the Development, Interference with Wetlands & Alterations to Shorelines & Watercourses Permit

Tyendinaga Township Zoning By-law 03-16 is a working document and is always changing. Clarification with the office is suggested to ensure correct zoning for interested properties.

The Zoning Maps below are also working documents and clarification for accuracy is recommended.

Hastings County Municipal Zoning Interactive Map Zoning

Please note that users should check with the Municipal Office or County Planning office to ensure that the zoning is correct.

The Building Inspection Services Board was established in 2005 by the four above noted Corporations to better serve the communities and comply with new Provincial Certifications.

Chief Building Official: Don Reed
Building Inspector: Richard Cook

CBO Office Hours in Tyendinaga Township:

    • Tuesday 9-11AM
    • Thursday 2-4PM

For inspections:

1-866-414-0088 or 613-395-5166


Outdoor wood stove must be 100 meters (328.1 feet) from ALL lot lines
Must obtain a building permit

Other than Residential

Outdoor wood stove must be 60 meters from ALL lot lines
Must obtain a building permit

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