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Homelessness Enumeration


Homelessness Enumeration

November 5, 2021
Hastings County Community and Human Services Department Completing County-Wide 2021 Homelessness

Belleville, ON – Hastings County Community & Human Services is undertaking provincially mandated
enumeration and creation of a By-Name List (BNL) of individuals experiencing homelessness across
the entirety of Hastings County. This work is scheduled to take place during the week of November
15, 2021, and will be conducted by Hastings County staff, community agencies and volunteers. For
more information or to offer your services as a volunteer, please contact


“The Enumeration Exercise is going to help to better understand the level of homelessness that
exists in our communities and provide valuable data to assist us in developing strategies to
provide supports and address the needs of the chronically homeless,” stated Warden Rick Phillips.
“Hastings County supports a Housing First philosophy and understands that success will be gained
through proper services and supports to the individual and a coordination between these services
are keys to success.”


Enumeration is the measurement of the number of people experiencing homelessness over a specific
period of time. A Point-in-Time (PiT) Count is a one-day snapshot of homelessness in each community
that contributes to a national picture and advances knowledge on homelessness.
The survey is used to collect basic demographic information for people experiencing homelessness,
as well as reasons for homelessness and service use and/or needs.
Further, all service managers are expected to have a BNL (By-Name List) in place by December 31,
2021. A BNL is a real time list of all people experiencing homelessness in your community. The PiT
count, survey, and creation of the BNL will allow linkages to services in Hastings County.
Information and training sessions were conducted by Hastings County staff to community
stakeholders, homeless serving agencies and the Hastings County Staff in mid-October.
A detailed report will be presented to the Community & Human Services Committee and County Council
in early 2022.



For more information contact:

Rick Phillips, Warden or Suzanne Ritchie Raymond,
(613) 966-1311                    Director (613) 966-1311 x 2333

Homelessness Enumeration

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