Agricultural Information

Tyendinaga Township is a primarily agricultural township with many beautiful rivers and streams and an abundance of forest lands. Along with the Salmon River, several parallel streams with their tributaries run the whole width of the Township. Also, the Moira River crosses the northwest corner of the Township.

Nestled throughout the picturesque countryside and hamlets such as Lonsdale, Marysville, Roslin, Blessington, Read, Milltown and Shannonville, which portray the quiet rural-residential atmosphere that the Township offers.

  • Livestock Loss Evaluation

    Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program Application Form: The application form allows livestock and poultry producers in Ontario to be reimbursed for predation caused by eligible predators.

    Livestock Loss Valuer: Kevin Durkin 613-396-6381

  • Farm Property Class Taxation Program

    The Farm Property Class Taxation Program is implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture Food & Rural Affairs.

    Under this taxation policy, farm properties meeting the eligibility requirements will be identified for the Farm Property Class and will be taxed at 25% of the municipal residential tax rate. The farm residence and one acre of land surrounding it will continue to be taxed as part of the Residential class.

    Eligibility requirements for the Farm Property Class tax rate are consistent with those previously applied under the Farm Tax Rebate Program.

    Please visit the Ministry of Agriculture Food & Rural Affairs website to answer any questions you may have such as:

    • Eligibility Requirements for the Farm Property Class
    • How to Apply for a Gross Farm Income Exemption
    • How to Complete the Application Form Properly to obtain an application


    Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
    Address: 1 Stone Road West 2nd Floor, Guelph, Ontario N1G 4Y2
    Toll Free: 1-800-469-2285
    Telephone: 519-826-3446
    Fax: 519-826-3170

    For all inquiries, please state your Owner ID number, name, address, property roll number and telephone number.
    If you have questions concerning your Farm Business Registration contact:

    Toll Free: 1-866-327-3678
    Fax: 519-826-4118

  • Local Producers

    For more information on local producers visit the Farm and Agriculture page on the Hastings GIS Map website.



  • Shannonville Agricultural Society

    Information on the society can be found on their website at or on Facebook at Shannonville World’s Fair.

    “The long history of the fair is difficult to explain and the history books on the event are sketchy.    What does or doesn’t make up Shannonville is also a bit unclear. The Shannonville area is generally referred to as an area along Old Highway 2, in between Belleville and Napanee and just above Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

    The host site of the fair today, however, is at the recreation complex in Tyendinaga Township, near an intersection known as Melrose.    It’s safe to say that the area’s neighbourhoods and municipalities have changed over the last 164 years, but the annual late summer celebration is a mainstay.

    The fair is an important part of Shannonville’s history because, in the early days, a fair would have been one of few opportunities for people of the community to get together for a weekend and celebrate the harvest season.   It would be a rare chance for farmers to mingle with their friends and neighbors.   Keeping the fair alive, keeps that tradition alive.   This fair, like many others, features tractor and horse pull contests, cattle shows, horse shows and of course pie contests, you name it.

    The fair is very important as it brings out the community, it opens the eyes of a lot of children and it keeps agricultural societies alive in our communities.  After 164 years after the original fair, Shannonville is still an agricultural community.

    The Shannonville Agricultural Society which runs the fair, is a healthy group of volunteers who are always willing to do the tedious work needed to run the fair every year. Of course, very generous businesses and a Tyendinaga Township Council provide our much-needed sponsorship’s.”