Heritage & Cemetery


Some interested Tyendinaga Township residents and people with roots in Tyendinaga are researching, assembling and wish to publish a history of Tyendinaga Township. As time marches on, there is concern that we may lose some of the history with the passing of generations.

We are interested in gathering the history that is still available. If you are able to help us with stories, pictures, or primary material, we would be appreciative.

Several years ago, some material was gathered for a history. Unfortunately, no one knows where that material may now be located.

So, we are looking for pictures of the community. We may have a picture but it may not be the best one available. Some examples of pictures we would like:

  • Early pioneers, leaders in the community (reeves, deputy-reeves, councilors, religious leaders, business leaders, teachers in the one-room schools, builders, etc.)
  • Businesses i.e. asheries, lime kilns, inns, black smith shops, mills, cheese factories, etc.
  • Churches, both present day and earlier versions.
  • Schools, school fairs, Christmas concerts, class pictures.
  • Barns and homes, particularly early examples.

We are interested in material that may have something to say about our history. For example, the township council published annual reports on deliberations of the Council in the 1800’s and perhaps even later. School sections often had a history written in the school registers. We are trying to identify where those histories now reside. Old assessment books may have items of interest… particularly as a listing of residents in the given years.

Often family histories have items that speak of the larger community of Tyendinaga. This can be very helpful for obtaining information on prominent citizens but as important is the family history that often records how a family contributed to life in the township i.e. the musicians, story tellers, poets, pedlars, midwives.

We are interested in material and pictures to do with sports in the community. South Hastings Baseball League teams from Tyendinaga Township, early football teams, hockey teams, shinny hockey, any other forms of sports.

Scrapbooks were often kept by older members of the community. They have hints and bits of information that would be most helpful (These do not have to leave a home, but we would be very interested in seeing them).

Other activities that may be recorded in pictures include harvesting, barn building bees, working on the roads, the building of bridges and dams, bees, socials, catastrophes and accidents. In short, any activity that says something about Tyendinaga would be great to have.

We are interested in the stories that people have of their locale, their concession, their school section, of hardships i.e. depression years, and other notable or worthy happenings.

It would be great if a scanned copy of an original picture could be sent to us. As well, a copy of a story etc. could be given. This would allow us to keep the copy for historical purposes. Please note who the donor is, who is in the picture, the year, and what event is occurring.

Many hands make light work. If there are other members of the community wishing to join our effort, please contact Jim Kennelly at 613-396-6962 or jekennelly@yahoo.ca.

Township Council has given us their blessing but it is now up to us to pull the project together. Hopefully, we can develop a history in which we collectively can be proud we recorded for the generations who follow.

Material or questions may be directed to Jim Kennelly jekennelly@yahoo.ca, Joan Walsh, Sue Munro, Linda Stapley, Ed Lazier, Gerard Corrigan, Harold Enright, or Paul Gartland.

For more information on all known cemeteries in Tyendinaga Township, please visit the Ontario Genealogical Society’s Digital Collections & Library Catalogue

The Find a Grave website is also a good resource for more information.