Outdoor Skating Rink


Lace up your skates, Tyendinaga!

The Township of Tyendinaga’s outdoor ice rink is a natural ice surface located on 363 McFarlane Road. The large community skating rink has been built on top of the horse ring at the Tyendinaga Recreation Complex. 

The outdoor rink relies on mother nature to provide consistent cold weather in order to make ice. The rink does not have a refrigeration system. Our practice is to begin maintaining ice when long range weather forecasts indicate daytime highs of below 0 degrees Celsius or colder. If you are curious about the status of the ice, contact the Recreation Department by phone at 613-396-1944 ext. 203 or by email at recreation@tyendinagatownship.com

Free parking is available on site. No change rooms are available.

Please note that staff may close the rink at any time due to weather, maintenance, or safety concerns.

If the rink is busy, consider returning at another time and please be considerate of others waiting to get some ice time. 

While Enjoying the Community Rink, Please Remember:

  • Rinks are open 10:00 a.m. – Dusk 
  • Limit use to 1 hour during busy times
  • If the rink is crowded, please wait patiently, or come back later

Outdoor community ice rink rules:

  • Ice is unavailable if there is a “Closed” sign posted on-site. 
  • No alcohol, smoking, or pets allowed on the ice.
  • All skaters must be wearing ice skates or ice sledges
  • CSA approved ice hockey helmets are highly recommended.
  • Children under 10 must be supervised.
  • Participation is at the user’s own risk. No responsibility is accepted or undertaken for the well-being of either the user or their property.

Outdoor Ice Rinks Maintenance

The Tyendinaga Outdoor Rink is maintained (cleared and flooded) by staff during the morning prior to open at 10am as required through the week. Shovels are kept on-site for users to keep the surface clear of snow during the day because the Township does not have permanent staff at this location. Reminder that this surface is a natural ice surface and can become rough or uneven due to weather and precipitation. The ice surface is to used at your own risk.

If you have concerns about this rink, please email recreation@tyendinagatownship.com

Contact Us

Andrea Hodgetts
~ Recreation & Facilities Coordinator
859 Melrose Road, RR #1, Shannonville, ON K0K 3A0